John Hickok's May/June 2012 trip to Southeast Asia:

continuing research, exchanges, and library partnership activity




Hong Kong

May 15
to Hong Kong University library, to assess CSUF-HKU M.A.- Comm  partnership resources

  Outside the entrance of the HKU Library Meeting with HKU Librarian Rebecca Leung




May 17
Hanoi: children's book donation
to the children's library of the Hanoi Public Library (4th year of this CSUF donation project)

    Delivering books to the Hanoi Public Library   Reading time for the children
(more photos of the book donation project here)

May 17-18
Hanoi: workshops
1. Presentation to the northern Vietnam Library Association;
2. ESL workshop (using game shows), sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi

    Presenting to Librarians
(write-up & photo of this on U.S. Embassy website here)
  ESL & game show fun for students at the Embassy

May 21
HCMC: workshops
1. Presentation to librarians at Vietnam National Univ., HCMC
2. ESL game-show workshop at the U.S. Consulate's "American Center"

    Teaching librarians in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)   ESL & game show fun for students at the Consulate
(write-up & photo of this on U.S. Consulate website here)




May 23
Children's book donation

to an urban primary school (Phnom Penh) and a rural primary school (Kandal Province)

    New books for Phnom Penh students
(more photos are here)
  Reading to provincial school students 
(write-up & photo of donation on U.S. Embassy website here

May 24
1. ESL presentation to students at Pannasastra University;
2. Training ESL teachers at the Royal Universtiy of Phnom Penh's Institute of Foreign Languages. 

    Teaching at Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC)   With Dr. Chea SanChanthan, PUC Chancellor




May 29-30
Bali: Conference paper

presented at the Congress of Southeast Asian Libraries (hundreds of Southeast Asian Librarians), on library development in Southeast Asia

    Presenting (PPT presentation here);
Mr. Martin Perez (FEU Librarian, Philippines), Moderator
  With Indonesian Librarian colleagues (L to R):
 Aditya Nugraha,
Luki Wijayanti, Ida Priyanto

June 4
Jakarta: Workshop
presented at the U.S. Embassy's deluxe new multimedia center "@America"



    Presenting at the "@america" center (conducting, behind: Myra Brown, Embassy Information Resource Officer)   Librarian and student attendees




June 6-8
in Kuala Lumpur and nearby, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy

1. To Librarians & Library Science students on best practices

2. To ESL teachers, on using online library resources


  June 6: teaching ESL teachers at the Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchanges   June 7: teaching Library students at the Univ. of Technology MARA (U.S. Embassy website write-up here)
    June 8: teaching ESL faculty at the Academy of Language Studies, University of Technology MARA   Meeting with Malaysian Library leaders (far right: Dr. Mohd Sharif Mohd Saad, President of Malaysian Library Association)




June 14
Guest teaching
to students at Centro Escolar University in Manila, on Library resources

    Presenting new online resources to the students   Delicious Filipino food, afterwards
(Courtesy of Dr. Teresita Hernandez-Calma, next to me)

June 15
U.S. Embassy workshop
to librarians in the Metro Manila area, on "U.S. Library Trends"

    Presenting at the Embassy's "Thomas Jefferson Information Center"   Manila Librarians attending the workshop
(L. of me:
Dr. Reysa Alenzuela, Embassy IRC Director)
June 18
Site visit & workshop
to Librarians of Far Eastern University in Manila.
    FEU Librarians
(R: Mr. Martin Perez, moderator of my June 29 conf paper)
  Site visit: viewing the facilities of the FEU Library


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