John Hickok's January 2013 Library visits to South Asia:

continuing research, exchanges, and library partnership activity




Sri Lanka

Jan 2:
University of Colombo visit
to the central library, and afterwards with Sri Lanka Library Association members

    Univ. of Colombo card catalog (sign in Sinhala)   Meeting librarians of the Sri Lanka Library Association.
Left: Mr. Upali Amarasiri, Director of the National Institute of Library & Information Science

Jan 3: Presenting workshops
1. at the U.S. Embassy
2. at Moratuawa University (an hour south of the capital of Colombo)

    With Ms. Padma Bandaranay, Embassy Library Director, & Mr. Christopher Elms, Embassy Information Officer
(News release of the workshop is here)
  With the library staff of Moratuawa University;
Left: Ms. Ruvini Kodikara, Director

Jan 4:
National school, & public library visits

    The new building of the Sri Lanka National Library   With Mrs. P.S. Rajaratnam, school librarian at the Zahira College primary+secondary school library
    Front entrance of the Colombo Public Library
(the sign is trilingual: Sinhala, Tamil, English)
  Magazines in the children's section of the Colombo Public Library




Jan 7:
U.S. Embassy lecture & University visit

    Presentation to Nepal Librarians.  The Embassy's news release of my visit is here.  (Left of me: Prakash Thapa, Embassy Library Director).   The Central Library of Tribuhaven University
(public/largest university in Nepal).
Jan 8: Kathmandu

Visiting NGO's dedicated to libraries & reading
    With Mr. Ramesh Puri, Nepal Director of "Room to Read" at their Kathmandu office; this large international NGO distributes books & creates school libraries   With a librarian in a "Read Nepal" library---one of many small public libraries this NGO funds in Nepal

Jan 8: Kathmandu

Visiting public libraries in Nepal  

    The Nepal-Japan Children's Library.  Originally donated by Japan, now run by a Librarian (L.) & student volunteers (R.)
  Reading time with Nepal children in the library
    The Kathmandu Valley PL. Right: Mr. Bhola Kumar Shrestha, longtime leader of Nepal library development   A room of the "Kaiser" public library (a former private library of a past prime minister's son, built in the early 1900's with hunting expedition decor) now run by the Dept. of Education




Jan 10:
Lahore university libraries
 1. Punjab University Library.  2. University of Management Science Library.

    At Punjab University's Library, with Deputy Directors Mr. Mr. Haseeb Ahmad Piracha (L.) & Dr. Muhammad Haroon Usmani (R.).  Press release of the visit is here.   Inside the library: the Dewey Decimal System,
in the Arabic script
    Lahore University of Management Sciences Library
 (top private university with a much higher level of funding)
  Documenting the LUMS Library facilities with
Dr. Muhammad Ramzan, Library Director. (Full photoset of the visit is at the LUMS Library facebook page, here).

Jan 11:
Lahore school and public libraries
1. school library.  2. public library


    Library & librarian of the Lahore Comprehensive High School for Girls.  Books (behind, in glass cases) are typically kept locked up, except during class visits   High school students during a class visit to the library
    At the Public Library (the building is a historic colonial-era building, as are many public buildings in Lahore)   Inside the library with a librarian (L.) and Mr. Shamir Ahmad (R.), who graciously provided helpful guidance.




Jan 14: University & college libraries
1. Delhi University Library.  2. Ramjas College Library

    The front entrance of the Delhi University Library   Book stacks in the library. The Ranganathan "Colon Classification" system is used instead of Dewey.
    Ms. Taruna Joshi, Ramjas College Librarian, in the book stacks (closed collection, in the back   The Library is primarily used for studying; library facilities are limited (no Ref Desk, 1 OPAC)
Jan 15: School & public libraries
1. Delhi public secondary school.  2. Delhi Public Library
    Students reading in the library during a "library period"   Books are kept in locked cupboards, limiting random browsing.  Librarians typically bring out samples
    Entrance to the Delhi Public Library (built 1944)   The Delhi Public Library's "Book-mobile"




Jan 18:
Dhaka Public Library
Visit to the capital's central public library

    Dhaka Public Library outside entrance   A Bangladesh teen reading in the library

Jan 19:
School Library
Visit to the Engineering University School & College (primary & secondary) library

    Meeting the principal of the school   Ms. Laila Tahmina, School Librarian, with books (in both English and Bengali languages)
Jan 20:
Dhaka University Library
The biggest public university in Bangladesh.
    With Dr. Zabed Ahmedns, Dhaka University Library Director, and Chair of the Department of LIS   Backup card catalog, with signage in Bengali
Jan 21:
U.S. Embassy's American Center
Presenting professional library issues to Bangladesh librarians
    Presenting to librarians from all around Dhaka   With American Center Library Staff.  (R:) Dr. Syed Robiul Bashar, Library Director.  (L:) mystery guest




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